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Branding and Marketing

Jenny believes that The Sell Is In The Tell: Every Brand Has A Story.

Jenny is a seasoned advertising and brand executive with a diverse background in brand management and creative services managing global and local brands in various industries such as financial services, IT, telecom, and FMCG. She has marketed everything from dirt to detergent.

She leads clients in developing strategy and propositions in an omni-channel environment to build their brands and drive meaningful ROI.

While she's not storytelling for her clients, she's sharing stories of local, seasonal, and sustainable foods through one of her passion projects, Move Feast. As Founder of this farm-to-table marketing platform, she brings together farmers, food makers, consumers, distributors, retailers, businesses, and others along the value chain to develop partnerships and increase everyone's stake in our local food system.

Areas of Expertise

  • Brand and Marketing Strategy

  • Integrated and Omni-Channel Communications Planning

  • Thematic and Tactical Campaign Management

  • Design Implementation

  • Brand Workshops and Marketing Training

Brand Workshops and Marketing Training

  • Since 2007, she has developed and facilitated over 100+ Brand and Customer Innovation Workshops, Creativity Workshops, and Marketing Training in Asia-Pacific

Examples of What I Do

  • While working as VP and Head of Brand for HSBC, a global financial organisation, spearheaded the partnership with a European mobile advertising company as one of the launch partners in the Philippines in 2010. The SMS Opt-In campaign resulted in significant total conversion rate of 14.8% - overshot country, regional, and industry standards. This initiative continues to be used as a digital case study in Asia-Pacific.

  • For a Silicon Valley software company, created the internal branding campaign to launch a unified suite of applications (Human Capital Management) among its employees with an 80% increase in awareness through landing page visits and average visit duration.

  • For a coffee company in the Philippines, created and developed their first local "Third Wave Coffee" retail brand (from naming, strategy to brand identity) to hit mainstream grocery shelves.

  • Worked with several tech startups, including accelerators and “cryptopreneurs” to implement successful branding and communications plans.