We'll navigate through these 3 routes to reach your business destination:



  • Branding & Marketing
    • Customer Insights
    • Brand Value and Propositions
    • Integrated and Omni-Channel Communications Strategy
  • UX & Conversions
    • Payments and Fraud
      • RFPs of Payment Gateways, RMTs or PSPs
      • Procurement, Strategy, Negotiation, and Account Management with different providers
      • Multi-jurisdictional Payments, Finance, and Fraud Management Strategies and Operations
      • Chargebacks Management
      • Conversions and Decline Analysis Strategies
    • Better Data
      • Better data is about bringing big data down to size and quality to help both decision makers and business users find just the right information/content they need (accessibility), in a format that makes it clear (ease to apply) and easy to take action (actionable)


  • Analytics
    • Incorporating analytics and mobility to deliver real-time, digital insights. Predictive analytics to help the operational team look “around the bend” to see what’s coming, and develop their response
  • Resources 
    • Talent
    • Strategic Partners
  • Technology and Systems Implementation
    • Hardware and Software - Investment, Deployment, Testing and Validation
    • Quality, Compliance, Security
  • Internal Capabilities
    • Process and Governance
    • Training
    • Transition Management (Assisted Support)

roadmap review

A continuous cycle: measure > report > analyse > test > optimize

  • High-level progress report that uses tools, methods, and metrics to evaluate business performance, analyse deviations, provide recommendations for improvements, and next steps for growth
  • Customer experiences and touchpoints - Building a better customer experience has to start with knowing your customers. We'll transform your data into insights by focusing on the most important touchpoints, to envision ways to make customers’ experience better, simpler, more seamless, and more rewarding.